Salesforce.Com, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) Makes Use Of ‘Einstein’ Artificial Intelligence To Improve Services, inc. (NYSE: CRM) is currently making the most of the artificial intelligence aiming to promote and improve its services. Allegedly the company is doing this through merging its rich business database with the artificial intelligence software.

The Aims Of The Integration Between Data and The AI Einstein

The aim of the company is to create a unity between the vast quantity of data at its disposal and Einstein; with the primary goal being essentially aiding clients in closing business deals and successfully marketing products to their customers.

An example of the use of the AI in an everyday business situation would be the use of the artificial intelligence to simplify and quicken the processing of tasks. A live example would be ‘Predictive Lead Scoring’. This feature ranks the sales leads in an order ranking from, which lead has the most potential to close the deal to that of, which has the least.

Another feature that the implementation of this AI provides is a feature which will aid customerservicepersonnel to prioritize their responses to clients which have already had previous communication with the customer-service department.

The Future Of The Artificial Intelligence Einstein

It was officially announced on Sunday night that in order to develop Einstein hundreds of millions of dollars had been invested into various companies that specialized in artificial intelligence, SalesForce took the combination of information that was gathered and implemented it with their own in-house research.

Furthermore, allegedly reported by LIN Media LLC (NYSE:TVL) VentureBeat that SalesForce aims to integrate this Artificial; intelligence software into its various cloud platforms and services including Service cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud, and so forth.

The executive currently in charge of the development of Einstein; John Ball reported that SalesForce currently employs 175 data scientists who are directly responsible for ensuring that Einstein is developed to be both flexible and easy to use.

SalesForce is a Silicon Valley-based company which specializes in software development for both sales and marketing, as well as catering to both large companies and freelance individuals.

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